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Financial planner booklet to help organize your finances


If something happened to you today, would your loved ones know where to find your important financial information? Check out my planner to help you get your finances organized!! 

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21 Days of the Great I Am, written by Kemberley Washington, CPA
21 Days of the Great I Am

This 21-day devotional provides the sayings of the Great I Am, Jesus Christ from the book of John. Each day, the reader will understand more concerning whom Jesus Christ of Nazareth is to us all. He can be all that we need Him to be! Fill in the blank (He is _____)! Jesus Christ is the Great I Am!!

My Financial Prep Planner

In case of a natural disaster or other emergencies, this financial planner can help you keep your important financial information in one place. Take it with you during evacuations, or keep it safe within your home. Also, share your planner with a close loved one. Either way, this planner is a great way to stay organized!

It All Starts with a Budget

It all starts with a budget! This book explores the basic budget principles using a biblical approach. The book provides the necessary building blocks to conquer your financial goals by applying the key to successful budgeting.

It all starts with a budget, book by Kemberley Washington, CPA
Financial planner, booklet by Kemberley Washington, CPA
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