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15 fun and free things to do for the summer!

Here are 15 free things you can do for fun!

  1. Find a free fitness class

  2. Enjoy the beautiful views of a nearby beach or lake

  3. Take a free tour in your town

  4. Visit a gallery or museum

  5. Explore a nature hike or walk

  6. Enjoy a picnic with a loved one

  7. Take a bike ride along a scenic route

  8. Test drive your “dream car”

  9. Check out your favorite movies or books at your local library

  10. Enjoy a karaoke night with friends

  11. Learn something fun and new

  12. Take a free cooking class

  13. Attend a free festival

  14. Take a walk in a tourist area

  15. Redeem your free rewards at a favorite store

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