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4 ways to boost your credit score (Infographic)

Here are a few ways to boost your credit score!

#1 Face the facts

Order your credit report from

#2 Utilize a credit simulator app to run “what if” scenarios.

Check out Capital One’s Credit Wise to determine what steps you need to take to increase your score.

#3 Reduce the amount of debt you owe overall

A lower debt utilization can help boost your credit score, therefore commit to pay off debt.

#4  Dispute negative items

Take time to dispute issues that negatively impact your score.  Contact creditors and request for adverse information to be removed.

Kemcent’s Tip of the Day

If you are seeking to establish your credit score, consider becoming an authorized user on a relative’s account.  This way, if the relative has a strong credit history, adding you can help your credit score.  But both parties should be careful, keep in mind any activity will impact your credit score!

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