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Don’t Give Up

It is easy to give up when the cards aren’t dealt your way.  But if you only believe when times are good, then do you really believe at all?  When you reach the finish line and you do not have a story to tell, how are you going to encourage others to keep believing?  You have to make up your mind today that you will stay in the game no matter what!  You have to protest, giving up is not an option, and you simply don’t believe in defeat!

So what has been holding you back for so long?  Is it the fear to take a chance?  Or is it that ugly lie in your head that keeps saying you will not be able to do it?  Whatever it is, stand up to it today!  Do and say the opposite of how you truly feel!  Simply put – fight back!  Open your mouth and start speaking against the untruth that has been holding you back for so long.

Start today!

How do you see yourself in the future?  Are you the next president of the United States?  Maybe, God has purposed you to be the doctor to find the cure to a disease.  Or are you the future lawyer that provides civil rights to a group that truly needs your gifts? Whatever it is, start living the life you know and wholeheartedly believe you will have.  Stay focused! God has put a gift in each of us.  He has designed you to simply succeed!

How do we fail?

Where do we miss the mark?  We miss the mark when we start our journey but fail to continue to look up to the hills.  We often get sidetracked by things in our lives that should not have been there from the start.  You must know that each day, you get another chance, another breath and another opportunity to fulfill the call and purpose on your life.  Walk into it!  It simply takes a simple step.  One step may lead to another step and not long, you would have walked thousands of steps and finally you will be victorious!

More importantly, know that you can do it!  There are people waiting on you.  If you are not excited to do it for yourself, stay in the game for your children’s sake, those who may look up to you or simply because of your contribution to the world!  No matter what, live life to the fullest and do not let this life pass you by without giving it your all!

Kemberley Washington is a certified public accountant and a business professor.  Follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog at

Remember, God is waiting on you!

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