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Excited to show off my cooking skills on the Rachel Ray show!

Super excited!

About two weeks ago, I received a call from the Rachel Ray’s show. They were seeking a Saints fan who not only loved their team but could show off their cooking skills. I immediately took on the challenge!

After making a fun video, they loved it! Rachel’s team informed me that I was a finalist and would fly out to the show. However, there was one catch – if the Saints won their last game.

Imagine my disappointment when the Saints did not win! I was not only mad about the entire “Minnesota Miracle” but also my chance to win Super Bowl tickets were gone! I knew at the moment; my video did not stand a chance on the show. But then there was hope again (lol).

The show contacted me and stated that they would still use my video on the show! While this was just fun and games, it did remind me of something.

Once I saw the upsetting defeat, without a doubt, I gave up hope for my little video (lol). And this is what we sometimes do in life. If something doesn’t seem to work according to our plans we give up hope thinking it can never happen for us.

And while this is just a video and opportunity to have fun doing something out of my everyday norm, I am grateful it sent a gentle reminder – delay is never a denial with God!

Remember, your choice your future!

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