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How to make your budget simple!

It is important to create a roadmap for your finances – a budget. Remember, your budget does not have to be complicated, just simple and easy to use. Consider using three steps — A, B and C — to get back on track.

The ABC’s to budgeting!

A — Automated savings

If you have struggled in the past with savings, set up an automatic draft to have the money withdrawn directly from your checking account and deposited into a savings account.

B — Bill management

Determine the total amount of your monthly bills. Then, set up a checking account dedicated strictly to paying your bills.

C– Cash for other purposes

By this point, you have determined the amount you need to tithe, save and spend. Whatever remains is yours to spend as you wish!

Remember: your choice, your future!

Kemberley Washington is a certified public accountant and professor at Dillard University. Check out her book, It all starts with a budget or , The Ten Commandments to a Financial Healing !!

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