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Tell Your Boss to Kiss Your Future! Three Financial Steps to Becoming Your Own Boss

Ok, you can see it in your dreams, the money you will make, becoming your own boss and more importantly, creating your future dynasty.  Your new business is finally closer to reality… and you can finally tell your boss to kiss your future!

But wait, hold up!  Are you really financially ready to venture out on your own?

Starting your own business requires a financial commitment. It also requires an additional commitment to get your personal financial house in order.  So, before hanging your shingles, consider these tips to ensure a smooth financial transition.

#1 Get Your Personal Finances Right

Begin by creating a solid financial system for your personal finances. Whether it is a notebook, spreadsheet or an app, such as, you must put a financial system in place. Keep it as simple as possible, remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy, but just useful.  Take time to keep a record of current bills, due dates, and bank balances.  Establishing a personal financial system for yourself will in turn help you establish a financial system for your business.

#2 Your Personal Credit is Key to Your Business

When you start a business venture, most often creditors will determine whether you, yourself, are creditworthy prior to extending credit to your start-up.  Terry Jackson, a loan officer, has provided credit to new businesses for several years.  “I often find many start-ups do not realize the importance of their own personal credit.  A good credit score would not only benefit an entrepreneur personally, but can provide an entrepreneur funds required in order to finance his or her company’s operations,” says Jackson.

#3 Kiss Your Debt Goodbye

Remember, the golden rule – do unto others, as you would have them do unto you!  If you owe someone from your past, now is a good time to make it good.  It is unfair to expect others to pay for your services or goods and you still have outstanding debt lingering from your past.  Take a moment, pick up the phone and make payment arrangements to satisfy outstanding debt you may owe a friend, creditor, or company.  This, in turn, would provide you a peace of mind as you move forward with your business.

Remember, Your Choice, Your Future!

Kemberley Washington is a certified public accountant and a business professor at Dillard University. Follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog at

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