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Use cash instead!

Throughout the day, we are presented with many opportunities to spend our money. Whether it is the promotion at the grocery store, the supersize requests at fast food restaurants or simply your family and friends enticing you to spend, there will always be something. It is ironic with so many opportunities to spend there are few options to save.

So what can you do to stay committed to your saving goals in a world that requests you to spend so much?

Make wiser choices You have to commit each and everyday you will make the most of every dime which comes your way. This means before you swipe the debit card or pull out your hard-earned cash you have to question whether the purchase is a wise choice.

Consider using cash instead Many times as we swipe our cards, we seldom think about our transactions as if we are really spending hard cash. In a sense it becomes imaginary! Studies show consumers spend less money when they use cash instead.

Take the challenge Recently, I too decided to take the challenge. I selected a predetermined amount I would need for the weekend and headed to the ATM. After a few cash transactions, I decided to think twice about a few purchases. In fact, I left a few things at the store because I didn’t wont to run out my cash!

Keep in mind you do have to be careful when spending cash, but the same does apply for debit and credit cards. So be diligent in determining what works best for you! Stay committed to your goals and make every dime count.

Remember, your choice, your future!

For great saving apps, check out this article.

Kemberley Washington is a certified public accountant and a business professor at Dillard University. Follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog at

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