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When budgeting is not your thing

We all know that we should budget, but the fact of the matter is many of us simply neglect to do it. But have no fear; if budgeting is really not your “thing,” there still may be hope for you!

Create a system

No matter if you are balling or simply living paycheck to paycheck, you have to create a system for your finances. In order to obtain a financial healing, your finances should be decent and in order (1 Corinthians 14:40).

Remember, your system does not have to be complicated, just simple and easy to use. An easy approach to track your finances is to separate your money into three “money piles,” for savings, bills, and discretionary expenses.

It is the first of the month

At every paycheck or the beginning of each month, commit to paying God first and then yourself, before paying anyone else. If you have struggled in the past with savings, set up an auto draft where the money is withdrawn directly from your account with little to no effort. Also, if you simply lack discipline, consider using accounts where it would take an act of Congress to get your money!

Yes, your bills are due again!

Next, determine the total amount of your monthly, recurring bills. For instance, if your bills amount to $1,000 each month, consider setting up an account just for your bills or setting aside your funds so that you can be prepared to pay your bills.  This will help out a great deal and help you stay on track with your bills.

The rest is yours

Finally, after you have determined the amount you need to tithe, save and spend on monthly bills, whatever remains is yours for the “keeping.”  This is a great method because not only have you already paid your bills, you have saved money for the future and now you should be able to enjoy the remainder the way you want!

Remember: your choice, your future!

Kemberley Washington is a certified public accountant. Visit her blog at Follow her on Facebook or connect with her Twitter. Like, Love, Tweet or Share this post!

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