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21 Ways to Save

Here are 21 ways you can save:

  1. Shop around for lower insurance costs

  2. Make a shopping list before grocery shopping and seek out deals beforehand

  3. Limit or eliminate your use of credit cards and other debts

  4. Eat most meals at home

  5. Create an eating out budget if you frequently dine out

  6. Reduce or eliminate services such as premium channels and cell phone features

  7. Look for local restaurants that offer great food for a fraction of the cost

  8. Consider using employer spending accounts for dependent and medical expenses

  9. Seek steals and deals through coupons, internet deals, and discounted gift cards.

  10. Contact creditors to determine whether interest rates could be reduced

  11. Determine how to reduce your electricity bill

  12. Limit impulse shopping

  13. Limit unnecessary travel to reduce gas costs

  14. Only purchase what you can afford

  15. Delete one expense and treat yourself as a bill

  16. Consider do it yourself projects around your home

  17. Place a limit on entertainment and discretionary costs

  18. Review expenses to see what has drained your wallet and do reduce your costs

  19. Avoid late fees by getting into the habit of paying your bills on time

  20. Discuss your budget with your family members and get them on board

  21. Consider saving the extra money from these tips to build an emergency fund

Kemberley Washington is a certified public accountant and writes a blog at Check out her book, The Ten Commandments to a Financial Healing or her financial planner on!

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