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5 financial “to do’s” for everyone!

A financial checklist

First, it is a good idea to make a listing of all relevant financial information.  This includes the following:

Bank and credit card accounts


Listing of insurances (property, home, and health)

Important passwords

Mortgage information

Financial accounts

A monthly budget sheet

Next, have your monthly budget somewhere you can access easily.  This should provide a snapshot of incoming income items and expenses. List out important due dates for monthly bills.

Living Will and/or Power of Attorney

In the event of an unexpected health event and a person is unable to speak concerning their health situation – a living will provide instructions regarding one’s healthcare wishes. It let’s loved ones know your desires regarding the following:



Breathing Machines

Organ Donations

Tissue Donations

A power of attorney is different.  It transfers power to a loved one in the event you are unable to make decisions on your behalf.  This could be financial decisions or healthcare decisions in the event you are incapacitated.


A will provides instructions regarding one’s desire to transfer assets at death.  Without a will, assets will be transferred according to state law. Keep in mind, you should seek assistance from an attorney regarding creating a will.  If you cannot afford an attorney, consider the Southeast Legal Louisiana Services, which provides free help for those who qualify. Or you may consider certain websites for starters such as

Important Records in one designated spot

Gather physical copies of important documents and keep them in one designated area.  These items include:


Birth Certificates

Social Security Cards


Insurance Policies

Savings Bonds/Financial Certificates

Other Financial Records

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