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3 Ways to build your emergency fund!

I can recall in my B.C. (before having any cash saved lol) days of simply not having money set aside for a rainy day. I would always think I would do it later but later never came. After realizing this was an area I truly needed to conquer, I decided to do something about it.

But where would I start?

Stay content

First, I decided to start with asking God to simply give me discipline! The discipline not to overspend. To learn to live within my means. Asking myself, “Do I really need this? Or can I live without this?” This didn’t come easy! But slowly, I began to not desire every single thing but be content with what I already had. I love the scripture, Philippians 4:12 that reminds us to be content in all things!

Stay consistent

Next, I had to learn to be consistent. This meant that I committed to save something from each paycheck. Remember, no one deserves your money better than you! This means that before paying others you have to pay yourself. Also, you have to make the difficult decision of understanding what you can or cannot afford in your budget.

Stay committed

Finally, you have to commit to live within your means. Therefore if you earn $1,000 for a period, after you have committed to tithing, saving, and paying your bills – whatever cash you have left is what you should use until the next payday! Remember, it is important to not use next week’s paycheck for today’s expenses!

So remember, be content, consistent and committed and you will be able to build the cash reserve you desire!

Remember: your choice, your future!

Kemberley Washington is a certified public accountant, endowed professor at Dillard University and author of The Ten Commandments to a Financial Healing and other great books!  Connect with her on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIN.

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